Company history

·  Expansion of the portfolio with an exclusive offer for clinical microbiology from AUTOBIO Diagnostics (China). A complete lab automation solution from blood sterility testing to mass spectrometry.
·  Launch of the first mass spectrometry analysis system Autof ms2000 in Russia on the basis of the Research Institute of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy in Smolensk
·  ILS is the fastest growing AUTOBIO Diagnostics distributor in Europe
·  Installation of automated EASYPREP systems in Siberia for cervical screening in the region
·  Expansion of the portfolio with NEXOR nucleic acid extraction systems and obtaining Roszdravnadzor registration.
·  A representative office was opened in Novosibirsk.
YD Diagnostics
Autobio Diagnostics Co., Ltd
·  Equipping Rospotrebnadzor structures with equipment for PCR diagnostics in order to create a “sanitary shield” for the country and the safety of citizens from the spread of infections
·  Expansion of the portfolio with the exclusive distribution of EASYPREP from YD DIAGNOSTICS (Korea). The world's first fully automated sample preparation system for liquid-based cytology
·  ILS is the second independent distributor in terms of installed Hamilton systems in the EMEA region.
·  ILS is one of the main providers of PCR diagnostic solutions for Moscow Healthcare Department
YD Diagnostics
·  Development in a short time of complex solutions for the diagnosis of Covid-2019. Launch of over 50 robotic PCR analysis systems
·  Participation in state programs to provide healthcare facilities with test systems throughout the Russian Federation in connection with the Covid-2019 pandemic
·  Signing of a trilateral agreement for the development and localization of reagents for the Agena system for oncology and NIPS
Agena Bioscience
·  Expansion of the product portfolio by signing distribution agreements with companies:
·  Agena Bioscience (USA) - development, production and supply of genetic mass spectrometry analysis systems
· (Netherlands) - development of modern solutions in the field of confocal microscopy.
·  Registration of "FRT-manager", the first software for PCR laboratories
·  Received a registration certificate for the dosing automatic station Microlab STARlet by Hamilton Robotics GmbH, an international manufacturer of automated low temperature sample storage systems for use in various fields of science.
·  Signed a distribution agreement with the American company Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc., a world leader in molecular genetic solutions for forensics and forensic genetics, to supply HID (personality identification) products.
·  Opening of an educational and methodological center for additional education on the basis of the Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, together with the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor.
·  Distribution agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific for products for forensics, molecular and cell biology from classical PCR to next generation sequencing (NGS) in the Russian Federation.
·  Opened a branch office in Vladivostok.
·  Installation of the first new generation sequencing system GeneReader in Russia
TermoFisher Sientific
·  Market launch of own software "KDL-SPK 2.0", a unique solution for blood services based on the MicroLab STARlet platform.
·  Opened an educational and methodological center for additional education on the basis of the Novosibirsk State Agrarian University in Novosibirsk together with the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor.
·  The company presented its own development - the laboratory automation system KDL-Max.
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