Cat. Number: R-V62(RG,Dt)-CE

RNA Reverse transcription and cDNA Real Time PCR kit Hepatitis C (HCV), HIV (HIV-I and HIV-2) and DNA Hepatitis B (HBV)( 5 optical chanels are required). RUO 

AmpliSens® HCV / HBV / HIV-FRT PCR kit is an in vitro nucleic acid amplification test for simultaneous detection of hepatitis C virus RNA (HCV), hepatitis B virus DNA (HBV) and human immunodeficiency virus RNA (HIV) in the biological material by using real-time hybridization-fluorescence detection.

The material for RT-PCR is RNA-samples extracted from test material. Reverse transcription step is included.

Recommended extraction kits: RIBO-prep (K2-9-Et-100-CE), MAGNO-sorb (K2-16-1000-CE), RIBO-sorb (K2-1-Et-100-CE). It is possible to use other nucleic acid extraction protocols.

Adapted for:

  • Rotor-Gene 3000/6000 (Corbett Research, Australia)
  • CFX96 (Bio-Rad, USA)

5 or more optical channels are required

Информация для заказа
Кат. №
FRT Kit with reagents only for amplification step All reagents are in individual vials (no PCR-tubes) + Taq-F polymerase (“hot start”)
*Check the presence of a registration certificate.
In its absence, the product is not intended for medical purposes in the territory of the Russian Federation.
**RUO- the product is not intended for medical purposes in the territory of the Russian Federation

PCR is the basic method when working with nucleic acids, allows you to multiply the number of copies of the target DNA site and determine the initial concentration of the desired sequences during real-time analysis time.

In addition, this method has been widely used in molecular diagnostics for the determination of pathogens infectious diseases and predispositions to hereditary diseases. Cooling and heating of samples with the necessary frequency and duration required for conducting PCR, provided by special devices – amplifiers (thermal cyclers).

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